2023- 2024 Room Representatives


Grade Teacher Room Rep(s) Grade Teacher RoomRep(s)
TK Woolwine  Anna Edwards & Serena Carter 4 Oscarson Emily Sherburn, Erica Ponce, Kelly Liames & Ariana Bordenave 
TK Lee Anna Edwards & Karisa Fletcher 4 McCraw-Harrison  Angela Romero
Kinder Ton Amber Turner & Kathy Piscupo 5 S. Deegan   Salena Rivera
Kinder D. Deegan Kiley Fruhwirth & Jessica Curcio  5 Fidel Rosalinda Lauper & Courtney Cover 
1 Wong-McKee/Widmer Nina Brooks, Sylvia Godinez & Brianna Johnston 5 Hoops Jessica Allen 
1 Carsten Tracy Wilbur, Carly Stagnaro & Stephanie Akisada TK/K/1 SDC MS Haahr  
2 Dunbar  Rowena Valderrama, Tessa Kuglin & Phillippa Kennedy 1-2 SDC MS Acosta Alyssa Machut 
2 Reyes Emily Sherburn & Erika Tumanor 3-5 SDC MS Asbury Jennifer Frutez & Dennise Hernandez 
3 Van Dyke Candace Griffith       
3 Glidden Kiley Fruhwirth, Tracy Wilbur & Jene Newman       




What is a Room Representative? 


Room Reps work with teacher(s) and parents/guardians as a parent contact liaison to build stronger family-school partnerships for their classroom. 


As a RR, you encourage easy, two-way communication between your teacher and parents on what's happening in the classroom to support student success. 


You collaborate with the teacher and parents on classroom activities, help recruit classroom volunteers and collect supplies for class activities. 



ONLY Certified VIPs are allowed on campus


Q: I work during the day, can I be a RR? 

A: Absolutely! There are several working parents that serve on the PTA Board and as RR's. Being a Room Rep looks different for every parent. We all do what we can!


Q: I've never been a RR before, is it a lot of work? 

A: It is only as much work as you want it to be, and our PTA Room Rep Coordinator has a TON of resources to share - it takes a village and this is a good one! 


Q: Do I need to be a VIP to be a Room Rep? 

A: No, UNLESS you plan on helping on campus during school hours. Getting VIPS through the District is HIGHLY recommended (and very easy!)


Q: When are Room Reps announced?

A: The Cleveland PTA helps collect names of people interested in becoming RR's, provides resources and guidance to RR's throughout the year but we do NOT choose who the RR's will be - that is up to the teachers! Sometimes there is 1 RR and sometimes there are multiple RR's in one room.  



Questions? Contact: 



Claudia Esquivel-Alcala 

Room Rep Coordinator





  • SignUpGenius - collecting/organizing volunteers and supplies for class parties 
  • WhatsApp - communication tool 
  • GroupMe - communication tool
  • Class Dojo - communication tool