Lakewood Project Shepherd

Cleveland is proud to support and give back to our community! Project Shepherd is a non-profit organization run by the City of Lakewood and the Rotary Club of Lakewood since 1972. This neighbor-to-neighbor assistance program supports Lakewood families in need through the year.


It has been a tradition of ours to contribute to this wonderful cause and provide complete holiday dinner boxes for families in need. This year, we've asked each grade/class to contribute a specific list of items needed to complete as many dinner boxes as possible.


Your student should have received a letter with the desired items from your room parents. Several classes have used an online tool to make it easy for parents to sign up. Below are links we have received. Please click on your student's teacher name to sign up.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your room parent or Siobhan Lamb, Room Rep Coordinator at


Woolwine - Room 1


Bates - Room 3


Deegan - Room 4


Grabowski - Room 6


Curiel - Room 7


Cowie - Room 8


Orewyler - Room 9


Blackmore - Room 16 and Oscarson - Room 15


Fidel - Room 21 and Hoops - Room 23