When: Friday, May 10th, 4pm - 7pm

Where: Cleveland Campus

This is not a drop-off event. Childcare is not provided.


Proceeds earmarked for a NEW Digital Marquee!


If you missed pre-sale, you can still buy additional items AT the carnival! 


Wristbands @ $12

Note: wristbands are required for all of the above activities. Individual activity passes/tickets are not available.

Includes UNLIMITED access to:

  • Face painters
  • Balloon artists
  • Game booths
  • Obstacle course
  • Fun derby
  • Rock wall
  • Velcro bungee

Tickets @ $1 each

Sold in packs of 10

Tickets can be used in any combination for:

  • Opportunity Raffle
  • Cake Walk
  • Cotton Candy
  • Snack Shack Items (chips, water, soda, etc.) 
  • JAIL! Lock up your teacher, parent - even Ms. San Jose! 

Mike's Italian Ice 

Proceeds benefit 5th Grade Class of 2020!

6 oz @ $3

9 oz @ $5

Habit Food Truck! 

NOT guaranteed, dinner vouchers will be available for purchase on a first-come-first-served basis in limited quantities. 

Charburger (w/ cheese) + Fries @ $10.50

Veggie burger (w/ cheese) + Fries @ 12

"Build-a-Bear" style Cleveland Eagle @ $25


16” stuffed eagle, Cleveland T-shirt for the eagle, wishing heart + a birth certificate.


Animals will be stuffed onsite at the carnival at presentation of your voucher!


Items listed above will be available for purchase at the PTA Booth at Carnival.

Items purchased during pre-sale period will be available for 

pickup at the PTA Ticketing Booth at the Carnival.  

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